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Porpeang farm Thailand

Thai Self-sufficiency & sustainable living through diversification


Life in rural Thailand

Hidden away in the historical province of Kamphaeng Phet, with arable land all around, you will discover our porpeang farm. Peace & tranquility apart from the dogs barking.


Living off-grid in Thailand

Stretching to 50 rai in size and with a natural water source all year round, we have created an off-grid Thai homestead. Best described as basic & comfortable with a few mod cons.


Self Sufficiency in Thailand

Our emphasis is on leading a self-sufficient & sustainable lifestyle by diversifying in our farm produce. Let's just say its varied, to say the least.


Raising free-range poultry in Thailand

The majority of our livestock on the farm is free-range poultry. We raise various breeds of ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys & quail. The list continues to grow.


Organic farming in Thailand

Here at Porpeang farm, we strive to produce fresh & healthy organically grown fruits & vegetables. Our sweet papayas are heavenly.


Porpeang farm sales & pricing

Everything we currently produce on the farm is either sold locally, delivered (depending on distance) or collected via farm-gate pickup. We always price our products very reasonable.


Visiting porpeang farm Thailand

Farm visits are always welcome. Just shout at the front gate if you can't see us!

Get in touch if you fancy dropping by for a look around & a chat over a cuppa.

Toon and Leigh


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