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Porpeang Farm

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Our Thai farm

Porpeang farm lays hidden away in the historical province of Kamphaeng Phet. Surrounded by farmland on all sides, you will find peace & tranquillity . . . That is apart from Toon occasionally shouting and the dogs barking.


Off-grid living

The farm stretches to 50 rai in size and is blessed with a natural water source all year round. We have created an off-grid farmstead, best described as basic, yet comfortable (with a few mod cons like solar power & a water borehole.)



Our emphasis is on leading a self-sufficient & sustainable lifestyle. We try to accomplish this by diversifying in our farm's produce . . . Let's just say its varied.

Regenerative Farming

The farm's topsoil was almost devoid of organic matter when we first started out. Now we produce our own biochar, vermicompost, manure, compost & mulch on-site. It takes time to fix, but we're in it for the long-haul & we'll get there.

Organic produce

We strive to produce fresh & healthy organically grown fruits & vegetables. Our sweet papayas & juicy limes are heavenly. There's always Aloe vera on hand to add to a fruit smoothy or ease the pain of sunburn.

Farming Goats

Our goat herd is our pride & joy here on Porpeang farm. They have quickly become our main point of focus to take the farm forward. Ever-increasing in numbers & an endless source of amusement, we are smitten with keeping goats.


Raising free-range poultry

Our livestock includes over 100 free-range poultry. We raise various breeds of ducks, chickens & quail. The list continues to grow. Although tricky peeling, boiled quail eggs dipped in soy sauce & pepper really hit the mark.

Breeding Redclaw Crayfish

You can't beat fresh Yabbies straight from the BBQ! These fascinating crustaceans grow large & fast & aren't often seen here in Thailand. Just watch out for those big claws! This year we are scaling up production.


Farm produce sales & pricing

Our farm produce is always fresh & reasonably priced. It is sold locally, delivered by us (depending on distance) or can be collected via farm-gate pickup. We also ship orders throughout Thailand depending on the item & quantity.


Visiting Porpeang farm Thailand

We always welcome farm visits. Get in touch if you fancy dropping by for a look around & a chat over a cuppa.

Just shout at the front gate or beep your horn if you can't see us . . . we'll be somewhere nearby.


For those of you wishing to visit & stay overnight, we currently offer accommodation in our village house. Airconditioned & only 3 minutes drive away from our farm. Meals on the farm & sightseeing trips can be arranged.

Monthly Farmstead Blog

Keep bang up to date with what's going on here at Porpeang. Every month there's a round-up of the latest events & progress on the farm.

Thailand Blogs

Check out our blog section, it covers various topics relating to farming and living in Thailand. There are also guest articles section for those of you who fancy having a go at writing a blog.

YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube video channel. With over 450 videos published & over 2 million views, we are sure there's something on there for everyone to enjoy.

Chok Dee

Toon and Leigh


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