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Porpeang goat herd

Goat farming in Thailand

Our goat herd is the pride & joy of Porpeang farm.

These intriguing animals are so much fun to be around. They are caring, funny, both clever & silly, & on the whole, very trusting once they get to know you.

The herd was formed back in 06/08/2019 with our initial young girls Black Jack, PJ & Hoover.

Since then the herd has grown to 14 strong. This includes our aloof Billy goat Mr Tumnus & four baby kids.


The farming of goats in Thailand has huge potential to do well. Although we don't keep goats for dairy, the goat meat industry is thriving & supply cannot meet current market demand. This is largely mirrored throughout the world.

Goat is the number one meat consumed in the world. The lean meat is extremely healthy too. It's pack with nutrition & low in fat.

Goat meat prices continue to rise & feed costs are very low depending on the land you have available.


Although buying your initial females can be quite expensive & tricky to source, they reproduce & grow very quickly.

Most goats are hardy animals & relatively easy to keep. Internal parasites are the main that has to be controlled. As long as a goat can get out of the rain & keep their feet dry, they are content.

Here on Porpeang farm, we are focused on becoming the proud custodians of a large healthy herd for years to come.

Our 14 Goats & how they got their names (as of 12/01/2020:

BlackJack (white with black patches)

PJ (looks like she's wearing spotty pyjamas)

Hoover (although small, she never stops eating)

Brownie (95% dark brown)

Blacky (99% black)

YoYo (always sitting down then standing up again immediately)

Mr Tumnus (Toon's favourite film is Narnia)

Geraldine (Leigh's mum's middle name)

Donna (named after Leigh's late uncle Don)

Saam (means three in the Thai language - she has three nipples)

Scape (suggested by one of our Youtube channel subscribers)

Owenetta (sponsored by one of our Youtube channel subscribers)

Ruby (sponsored by one of our Youtube channel subscribers)

Tangmo - means Watermelon in the Thai language (sponsored by one of our Youtube channel subscribers)

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