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Much more than just an Organic Compost

A premium mix suitable for seedlings, potting mixes, top dressings & soil amendment.

Created sustainably, BioCharged Compost uses 100% organic material

plus all the fantastic benefits of biochar.

Here at Porpeang Farm, we incorporate the help of our large goat herd

to combine & process this environmentally beneficial product.


You can use BioCharged Compost for numerous applications, including:

  • Starting your seedlings

  • Growing pot plants

  • Applying a top dressing to raised beds

  • Improving your soil quality & fertility

  • Compost Elements


All ingredients that go into making our compost are 100% organic,

sustainable & sourced directly from Porpeang Farm & the surrounding area.

Plants such as Leucaena (River tamarind), Moringa (the Miracle tree),

Napier grass & leaves are the four main ingredients for our

BioCharged Compost.

Apart from the fallen leaves we collect, all the fodder we cut is

from Perennial plants that keep growing as long as they get

a drop of rain.

All the goats love eating this nutritional-rich food & turn it into

goat manure that won't scorch your beloved plants.


Our biochar is created onsite from Leucaena wood, fruit tree

prunings & fallen timber.

We then apply a top dressing of raw chunky biochar & fallen leaves

as part of a deep litter system under where the goats feed.

Now this is where the magic begins to happen!

Uneaten fodder falls into the deep litter system along with manure & urine.

Combined with continuous tilling by the goat's hooves, this helps to

break down the organic matter & mix it in with the biochar & leaves.

This process transforms the biochar into a fine powder & it becomes

inoculated with millions of highly prized beneficial microorganisms.

Note: Before applying, biochar needs inoculating

(otherwise known as charging) to avoid depleting your soil of

beneficial microbes.

However, inoculated biochar will actively accelerate soil recovery,

& mycorrhizae growth, creating healthier, stronger &

more nutrient-dense plants.

Another benefit of our biochar-rich compost is that it helps to improve

water retention in the soil & reduces the amount of watering required.

Environmental impact of biochar

Nowadays, almost everyone has heard of Carbon Footprints & the high rate of consumption of fossil fuels. Doom & gloom, right? But it doesn't have to be.

This is where Carbon Sequestration comes into play with our compost. It's the process of storing carbon in soil & thus removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

BioCharged compost will keep doing this long after you, & we are gone.

The biochar element in our mix will continue to sequester carbon for over 1,000 years!

Yes, you read that right, 1000 years — Your own Terra Preta soil.

Finishing process

After the goats have worked their magic & the organic matter has broken down sufficiently, we riddle the compost through a fine screen. Doing this removes oversized bits, such as twigs, undecomposed droppings & any undigested Lucena seeds.

A final product that's rich in carbon

The end product is a lovely dark fine-grade compost

ready to use in your garden without the risk

of burning your plants.

BioCharged compost is high in carbon, which helps

cut greenhouse gases. It also improves soil structure,

stores water & nutrients that plants need &

feeds vital soil organisms.

But not all carbons are equal!

For carbon to reach its full potential in the soil, it needs oxygen & the biochar provides that in bucket loads.

One inch of biochar has approximately the surface area equivalent to one football pitch. Yep, that still blows our minds too.

Food for thought

So how's about this for an idea?

Do your bit for Mother Earth & get yourself a bag.

Refrain from fretting if you're a terrible gardener with zero green fingers & your plants always struggle.

Instead, find solace in knowing you're helping make a difference for future generations.

Or, what about giving a plant you've potted with BioCarged compost for someone's birthday or Christmas present? Then that's another person who's sequestering CO2 for 1,000 years.

Goat manure NPK & more

Goat manure (classified as cold manure) contains:

4.9% Nitrogen

4.1% Phosphorus

1.9% Potassium

1.0% Calcium

0.9% Magnesium

The Hard Sell

In our experience, & other keen gardeners we've spoken to, purchasing high-quality compost here in Thailand is like trying to find Rocking Horse poop!

Firstly, we don't sell by weight.

If we did, Toon would pour litres of water into the mix to bump up her profit margin.

We sell by the litre (5-litre bags.)

This way, it gives you peace of mind that you're getting what you pay for & we ensure the moisture levels are adequate to keep the beneficial microorganisms alive & happy.

How many bags of compost do people buy from garden centres & supermarkets only to find dry, dead dust when they open the bag at home?

Or mould on the damp woodchippings that still need to be composted!

We 'bag up' late as we can (our compost is a living ecosystem that requires moisture & enough oxygen.)

Our guarantee to you

We 100% guarantee that you'll never find lumps of clay, pieces of coconut coir, whole undecomposed leaves or burnt rice husk in our compost. We don't know what that concoction is, but it isn't compost in our book.

Price & P+P

A 5-litre bag of our BioCharged Compost is:

250 Thai Baht with FREE P&P to anywhere in Thailand.

Special offer

We are including a FREE bottle of our Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate for a

limited time with every 5-litre bag purchased on your first order.

Delivery usually takes 1 to 3 days after payment is received.

We only require a contact name, Thai phone number & postal address.

We'll then let you know to confirm that your parcel is on its way & send

you the receipt.

Contact us

For more information & placing an order, use the messaging page on this website or email us at:


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