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What is porpeang farming in Thailand all about?

Porpeang farming mainly centres around being as close to self-sufficiency as possible.

The focus is on diversifying, & not concentrating on producing just one cash crop. Many permaculture & regenerative farming principles are applied, along with growing healthy organic produce.


The selling of surplus produce goes towards buying household items such as clothes & fuel, plus other essentials like medication for livestock.

It is a fulfilling way of life that creates very little waste, uses few chemicals & can also help the local Thai community.

The diversity that is achievable on a small piece of land is truly mind-boggling.

It brings farmers much closer to nature too, more than if they were to grow just a single annual crop.


Choosing to live a porpeang existence can be a challenging prospect for would-be newcomers.

There's so much to get your head around. Trial & error is a much-used phrase.


The learning curve from day one, & for years to come, will encompass things like:


All these require care, attention & patience for porpeang farming in Thailand to flourish. Not to mention hard work too.

BUT for most of us, the opportunity to lead a more active & healthy lifestyle is well worth the extra effort.



The late King of Thailand

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) encouraged a self-supporting lifestyle for everyone in Thailand.


Sufficiency Farming

He advised that all farmers should be able to feed themselves & their families. It starts with small-scale rice production, growing enough rice for household consumption. Any excess harvest is then sold to raise income or used in exchange for other goods from fellow farmers.

Farming diversity

They were also encouraged to change from planting a single type of crop to integrated farming & incorporating modern permaculture techniques, which works with nature rather than against it.

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king of thailand rama IX
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