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Goat Sales

Porpeang Farm Goats available NOW!

Goat Availability

Our ever-increasing herd means that we always have several

goats that are available for purchase.

These usually include young bucklings, doelings,

& adult nannies & bucks.

Get to know a goat before you buy one

We always allow time for you to come & have a good look

at our goats & we recommend you do so.

The history & information of each & every goat is always available.

This includes things like their breeding, age, kidding, what types

of mothers they are, temperament & any previous health issues.


We are open & honest about the strengths & weaknesses of all

the members of our herd. This helps us to ensure you get the right

goats best suited to you & your setup.

It's often possible for you to look at both parents of bucklings &

doelings before purchasing any young goats.

Live Goat Prices (as of April 2021)

Bucklings up to 20kg - 130 Baht per kg

Bucklings 20kg to 30kg - 110 Baht per kg

Doelings - from 3,500 Baht per goat

Does - from 4,000 Baht per goat

Meat Goats - 80 Baht per kg

Breeding Bucks - please click here for price & availability

Prices for goat meat is very stable throughout Thailand & tends not to fluctuate much. Even though that's been the case for many years & gradually continues to rise, please click here for a current market price.

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