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Building a Traditonal wooden house in Udon Thani Thailand

The start of our Thai House build project January 2018

On the 15th of January this year, the trucks arrived with segments to start erecting the top part of our house (mai daeng wood).

Traditional wooden thai house arriving on site on the back of a truck
The wait is over as our wooden Thai house arrives

I was in the UK at the time and wanted builders that are extending below to wait until I returned on the 7th of February.

The top part of the house was constructed within 4 days, including installing the posts.

The extension roof began and was mostly finished before I returned.

Stead build progress

Since then in the last 12 days, they have:

90% completed the blockwork

Run all water pipe

Laid the concrete base and metal grid work where walls are going

Installed two septic tanks

Started on my bath 😉

Thai Workmanship

In the recent weather we have had (37° today) I couldn't be happier with workmanship and progress.

I've pulled them on few bits I didn't think correct, and they straight away did what I asked.

So in context, although you hear a LOT of horror stories, I'm happy to say I haven't got one to tell yet.

Cost of building a house in Thailand

Traditional Wooden Thai House

The top wooden part of the house was 300,000 Thai baht, with posts, sand, and cement another 10,000 Thai baht.

Lower roof extension

Posts and metal beams were around 25,000 Thai baht, plus more sand, cement, ballast, and a few odds and sods (soffits, etc.) 10,000 Thai baht.

Roof sheets

Roofing sheets were quoted at 25,000 Thai baht, but we bought directly from the manufacturer for 16,000 Thai baht.

Doors and Windows

We bought the windows, front door, internal doors, and frames ourselves, we got a good deal at Global House, 8x 1.40 meter, 1 x 2 meter, front door, all in, came in at 25,000 Thai baht.

General building materials

At present we have around a 50,000 Thai baht bill at local builders, that is for everything else to date, blocks, pipework, re-bar, rings and lids for septic tanks.

That's everything to get to this stage.

Local Thai Labor Costs

Our primary builder is a friend and closest neighbour, all in everything including tiling, kitchen the lot 70,000 Thai baht.

Total Build Cost

So 450,000 Thai baht (ish) so far for everything.

The builder has been paid 25%, once walls are screeded etc. he will get the next 25%.

Once the kitchen, bath, and tiling, etc. is done he can have the next 25%, once I'm happy and all signed off, he will get balance and probably a decent tip too.

Pete Wright

Contact Details:

Facebook Page - Rural Isaan Homestead Farm.


Farm in Non Sang, Udon Thani, Thailand.

A big thanks to Pete for sharing his Thai build experience in Udon Thani.

Be sure to check out his Facebook Page and see their busy working Homestead farm.

Leigh & Toon.


We have many videos on our Youtube channel that covers rural life in Thailand.

The link below will take you straight there:

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