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Kamphaeng Phet Immigration office current address 2020

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Those who need to apply for a Thai visa, extension, residency, or work permit should be aware that the Kamphaeng Phet immigration office has now moved. The office was previously based in the Province of Nakhon Sawan, before relocating to a temporary industrial unit in Kamphaeng Phet province. Now the office has shifted again. The new office is behind the central district offices (Amphoe.)

Update 14/02/2020

The current immigration office is due to move yet again in 2020.

Address to be confirmed.

Tips for visiting Immigration Offices in Thailand

Avoid the queues

Arriving morning soon after opening (8:30am) or immediately after lunchtime (1:00pm) is recommended to keep waiting time down to a minimum.


There are plenty of parking spaces available to the side and the rear of the central district offices.

Great staff

The staff is friendly, helpful and competent.


  • Toilet facilities are available on site.

  • A stall selling freshly cooked traditional Thai food and cold drinks is located to the left of the central district offices.


Below is the current address for foreign nationals needing to visit the office in 2020.

Kamphaeng Phet immigration office,

154 Pin Damri Road,

Nai Mueang Subdistrict,

Mueang District,

Kamphaeng Phet District,

Kamphaeng Phet Province,


Address in Thai:

154 ถนนปิ่นดำริห์





Open hours:

Monday 8:30AM–12PM, 1–4:30PM

Tuesday 8:30AM–12PM, 1–4:30PM

Wednesday 8:30AM–12PM, 1–4:30PM

Thursday 8:30AM–12PM, 1–4:30PM

Friday 8:30AM–12PM, 1–4:30PM

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Telephone number:

+66 (55) 712 209

Immigration Services Hotline:

1178 or 1111





Head of Kamphaeng Phet immigration:

Lt. Col. Chakkrawut Supaporn Decor Sor. M.E., W., Kamphaeng Phet

Online services:

  • Notice of stay in the Kingdom for more than 90 days

  • Notice of alien accommodation

  • Requests for residence in the Kingdom of the year

  • Requesting to stay

  • Alien registration

Useful online services links:

Apply for Visa on Arrival Online:


Apply for Notification of residence when staying in the Kingdom over 90 days:


Notification of residence for foreigners:


Helpful online guides available:


Citizens' Guide:

Requesting a non-Quota Immigrant Visa for non-Quota Immigrant Visa

Citizens' Guide:

Requesting a Certificate of Residence Certificate (Sor. 17) in case of changing the book

Public Guide:

Requesting to withdraw the endorsement and come back again

Citizens' Guide:

Requesting a Residence Certificate (TM 17) in case of loss

Guide for People:

Requesting permission to return to the Kingdom

Guide for citizens:

Inspection and amendment of items in the alien registration evidence

Citizens' Guide:

Getting a Residence Certificate (M.E. 15)

Citizens' Guide:

Getting a Residence Certificate (M.E.16)

Public Guide:

Endorsement goes out of the Kingdom and comes back again

Citizens' Guide:

Requesting a non-Quota Immigrant Visa for non-Quota Immigrant Visa

Citizens' Guide:

Requesting to amend items In the residence certificate or residence certificate

Citizens' Guide:

Receiving alien residence notification in the case of staying in the Kingdom for more than 90 days

Citizens' Guide:

Notification of the host's residence, owner or occupant of the residence, or hotel manager Which accepts foreigners to stay

Public Handbook:

Requesting to stay in the Kingdom of an alien who has been granted the rights under the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act BE 2522

Citizens' Guide:

Requesting to stay in the Kingdom of an alien who is entitled According to the Petroleum Act BE 2514

Citizens' Guide: Requesting to stay in the Kingdom of an alien who is entitled Under the Investment Promotion Act BE 2520

Public Handbook:

Visiting the detainee waiting to be returned to the Kingdom under Section 54 of the Immigration Act BE 2522


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