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Motorcycle Touring Thailand - Isaan Riders Tour 2019

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Guest article written by David Zak.

Riding a motorcycle is the ideal way to enjoy the country and become more close to the people and culture of a place.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Paul straightening out a Triumph tank. — at Loei, Thailand.

Being on a bike is an intimate experience. You slow down to smell the grilled chicken being cooked at the side of the road.

You feel the temperature drop as you enter the bamboo forest and start climbing out if the valley.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes. Loei, Thailand.
At Loei, Thailand.

You feel the excitement of the kids at the side of the road when you pass by their village school.

It opens you up to that passionate conversation with the old man at the noodle shop who once saved his money for 5 years to buy the first Honda Wave in his village back in the 1980s.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Parked for lunch on the river walk.

Motorcycle Touring Thailand

Thailand is a fantastic country for biking. There are endless well-maintained roads all around the country for touring.

Simple scooter rides around the endless coastline, or just around the little village offers a fun and simple freedom.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Pappa Abe and his Honda Eveything — in Amphoe Chiang Khan.

There are hard enduro tracks all over, from the Cambodian border, to along The Mighty Mekong, to the wilderness of the Burmese border and on to dirt roads and buffalo paths in every agricultural village.

Of course, there is also the world-class Moto GP in Buriram and other sport bike action around the country.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Trying to sort out breakfast. — with Hananel Shamir and Roger Kingdon in Amphoe Ban Dung.

Almost Every Thai person has grown up around bikes and has an interest in biking.

Recently a diverse group of bikers took a trip around Isaan.

We all met through the "Isaan Riders" Facebook Group which is a forum for bikers of all types to plan rides together, meet other motorcycle enthusiasts in their area, and discuss topics that help us all enjoy exploring Thailand through motorcycling.

Map for touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Our basic route around Isaan. With a few minor detours to catch up with Hananel and to find Tim.

We rode from the gates of Isaan at Pak Chong/Khao Yai in Korat province to the Mekong in Loei.

Then we played in the amazing hills around Sakhon Nakhon and Mukdahan. After Mukdahan we followed The Mekong down to The Moon River and Ubon Ratchathani.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
And we drank cold beers and ate spicy papaya salad, spicy pork salad, grilled pork neck and we waited for the rain to pass. — in Amphoe Tha Uthen.

From Loei, we rode to Chiang Khan and Udon Thani. After Udon we rejoined The Mekong at Nakhon Phanom.

Then we headed back East to Surin and Buriram.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Roll call on The Mekong. AFter coffee morning line up — at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.

Please enjoy the following pics, and if you are also a biker who rides in Isaan, please get in touch.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Hick on his sweet Kawa green Vulcan. — in Sakhon Nakhon.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Red Light Selfie! — in Sakhon Nakhon.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Getting ready for the ride — at Lost Garden Bungalow.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
My new favorite road in Isaan. #2887 in Mukdahan! Corners, Curvers, Straights cool little villages, great scenery... All Good! — in Ban Manao, Mukdahan, Thailand.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Funny thing about Thailand in the rain season. It Rains! Caught up in a rain storm... good reason to have a beer and have a chat with the local shopkeeper.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Parked up to take a breath after 200km of some of the most fun roads I have ever had the pleasure to ride! The 2195 along the Laos border and then on to The Mekong River is awesome! — at Loei, Thailand.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
I brought this picture of the family with me for the hotel rooms. Its great to ride hard and explore new places, but it is even greater to come home to these two! — at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Hananel carving a corner. — in Sakhon Nakhon.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Tim — at Phu Phan National Park.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Great lively time at this outdoor restaurant complex in Mukdahan. Bull Buger is awesome, bu the whole place is cool! — at Bull Burger Mukdahan.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
LOved hanging out with these guys. Big Tiger Scooter Gang. — with Graham Collar and Roy Tim Timothy at Bull Burger Mukdahan.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
The local port on The Mekong. — at Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
The confluence of The Mekong River and The Moon River. The Moon River is Isaans lagest and most important river and also the largest tributary to The Mekong river for its entire length.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Craft beer is finally becoming a real thing in Thailand! It is expensive as hell because of the import tariffs, but I will splurge occasionally. — at The Udon TAP Taste House.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Tim joined us back at Mr. Moos in Lahansai to make the circle complete. 3000 km and wanting more! — with นิด หมู รถตู้เที่ยวทั่วไทย, Roy Tim Timothy and Christoph Keller at Lahansai.Burirum.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Somebody with an Africa Twin is up to no good. — at Udon Thani, Thailand.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
At the end of that great road is the super chill town of Chiang Khan. Little atique village on the banks of the Mekong. — in Amphoe Chiang Khan.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Will have some more fun nights with this guy! — at Udon Thani, Thailand.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
Cool ne bike themed restaurant in Nakhon Phanom. Nice food, and it doubles as a Royal Enfield showroom! — at 206 Road Cafe & Cuisine.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
My new friend Hick and his beautiful daughter Bannana! 555 — with Hick Graham Nanthaprom at 206 Road Cafe & Cuisine.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
The famous Naga Fountain. The monster, protector, mystery of the Mekong. — at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.

Touring Thailand on motorbikes.
It is butterfly season in Thailand. It made for some magical moments when riding... almost like snow falling. (except for the horrible parts)

Guest article submitted by David Zak.

Check out his Facebook Group:


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Oct 14, 2021

Looks like it is something I am looking for , can not find any biker groups around LOEI .

just the LOEI gentleman’s bikers club.

can’t contact them as the internet doesn’t give an email address or contact details.

if this message reaches any likeminded biker groups .

my name is Brian , email Would like to find out what’s happening

around LOEI and surrounding areas.

I ride a Rocket X 2,300 cc great bike but touring alone is a bit boring.

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